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Building Services

Building Services - PT Mechanical Group

Delivering Exceptional Quality Everyday

PT Mechanical’s Service Group includes highly skilled and experienced technicians who specialize in all aspects of HVAC maintenance and repair. With over 25 buildings under contract the Service Group’s vehicle-based field mechanics will respond every day, any time of day any time of the year.

Proper building maintenance helps reduce the possibility of repairs and costly downtime. Proper maintenance of mechanical systems extends their life and ensures energy efficiency. Our service sales team is able to create a customized maintenance plan designed for your needs and your building.

In addition to routine and emergency maintenance and repairs, PT Mechanical’s technicians are able to self-perform complex Mechanical Retrofits. All retrofits, whether an upgrade or complete replacement, are completed using our in-house engineering, fabrication shop and labor. An example of our areas of expertise includes chillers, compressors, cooling towers, air handlers and boilers.


Chiller Service

Maintaining your chiller to its peak efficiency is a critical component of an efficiently run building. PTM’s trained technicians have over 60 years of experience and are trained and certified to service and repair all types of chillers regardless of manufacturer, size or compressor configuration. This expertise and experience gives PT Mechanical’s technicians a distinct advantage and ability to troubleshoot and maintain your equipment. PT Mechanical’s field technician’s highly specialized training includes high and low tonnage equipment, commercial and industrial equipment as well as applied products.


Equipment Repairs and Retrofits

All PT Mechanical trucks are fully equipped and stocked enabling our service technicians to address any issues or repairs that are discovered during regular maintenance or an emergency call.

All field staff are fully licensed and able to self-perform every project we undertake. Utilizing specific infrared imaging and vibration analysis equipment, they provide fast and efficient diagnosis and results.


Mobile Management

PT Mechanical’s 24/7/365 service technicians are dispatched utilizing a comprehensive system that initiates, tracks and closes out each request for service. This system also monitors your service maintenance contracted dates and automatically dispatches your technician. Your building’s and equipment’s history is retained to ensure the most up-to-date information is at hand.


We provide both truck-based and facility-based services to ensure your building is covered under our comprehensive service/maintenance umbrella. PTM provides emergency and planned maintenance for the tri-state area. Our highly trained technicians are licensed and able to self-perform every project we undertake. Our technicians utilize specialized leak-detection tools, infrared imaging and vibration analysis to ensure fast and efficient diagnostics.

  • Scheduled and emergency services available 24 hours a day / 365 days a year
  • Dedicated resources for around-the-clock building maintenance
  • Dispatched workforce management with automated communications
  • State of the art diagnostic tools and equipment
  • Proactive and customizable building maintenance programs
  • Increased operational savings through efficiency

Our technicians are connected 24/7 to our web enabled dispatch system. They are able, in real time, assess the situation, quote the job and send a proposal for approval.

Maintenance whether scheduled or under annual contract is the best way to ensure your equipment is operating at peak efficiency. PT Mechanical has flexible and comprehensive service plans that can be designed specifically for your building and needs. Pro-active, predictive planned service will provide an early warning preventing any downtime or failures of your mechanical assets.
Planned Maintenance Equals Peace of Mind Our service sales staff has deep expertise in mechanical, refrigeration, indoor air and building control systems and equipment. They will help you create a customized maintenance plan for your building. Once assigned, our Service Technicians remain with you ensuring continuity and reliability.